Ford Designed A ‘Lane-Keeping Bed’ For All You Selfish Sleepers

Ford Designed A ‘Lane-Keeping Bed’ For All You Selfish Sleepers
Image: Ford Europe

Nothing induces my road rage quite like a lane-hog. Those people who either take up all of their lane and half of theirs, or putter along at 10kms under the limit in an area where you can’t safely overtake.

Fortunately, most modern cars have some form of lane-assist built into their systems, which helps keep those monsters in the place. And keep people safe, I guess.

Ford has taken that concept and applied it to an equally important place – the bedroom.

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Last week, Ford Europe dropped a blog post about its latest crazy design concept based on car tech – the Lane-Keeping Bed.

The idea is to stop your partner from encroaching on your side of the bed by using lane-assist technology. Sensors build into the mattress will detect when someone has rolled onto the other side of the bed. This will then trigger a built-in motor that gently rolls the hog back onto their side with the help of an integrated conveyor belt

Sadly, we’re not likely to ever see this particular feat of human engineering in our bedrooms. Like previous Ford Interventions (including a noise-cancelling kennel), it’s primary purpose is to show-off the ways in which auto-tech can be incorporated into people’s lives.

But hey, a girl can dream.