Energizer Unveils 5G Foldable Phone With ENORMOUS Battery

Energizer Unveils 5G Foldable Phone With ENORMOUS Battery

If you’re forever running out of smartphone juice and you don’t care if your handset is the size of a brick, Energizer’s new phone might be the one for you.

Editor’s Note: We don’t have Aussie pricing or availability for this monstrosity, and aren’t likely to get them.

The Power Max 18K Pop has an 18,000 mAh battery, which is ridiculous. A standard flagship has between 3,000 and 3,500 mAh, for reference.

So how have they crammed all that power into the thin profile of a smartphone? Well, they haven’t. It’s massive. Bigger than your original Nokia 3310.

Just look at it.

Yes, it’s technically the highest capacity battery ever in a smartphone, but we’re not sure that really counts as much of an achievement. The reason other brands aren’t putting 18k cells in their phones is that it would make them massive, like this, and because they’d take an age to charge. Not because it can’t be done.

Still, if you want a phone the size of a handset plus a powerpack but without the option of leaving the powerpack at home, the Power Max 18K Pop might be the phone for you. It’ll cost €599, which is about £521, and will be out in Europe later this year.

The brand also has its own folding phone, as we previously reported, but it’s much more interesting than anyone expected.

The Energizer Power Max P8100S is a 5G handset with a 6-inch outer screen (FHD+ at 18:9) and a massive 8.1-inch inner screen (FHD+ at 4:3).

The specs are pretty impressive: the Power Max P8100S runs on a Snapdragon 855 octa-core chipset (2.8 GHz) with 256GB of onboard storage and 8GB of RAM. It takes a microSD card up to 256GB, has dual 48MP + 12MP rear cameras and a 24MP front-facing, takes two SIM cards and offers a lifetime warranty.

Oh, yeah, and the battery is 10,000mAh. Holy moly.

If this phone was by a different brand, it’d be a huge deal, but Energizer phones aren’t taken particularly seriously. Maybe this handset will change that.

It’ll be out in Q3 this year for €899, which is about £781 – surprisingly low, considering the specs and the fact that the other foldables are pushing two grand.

The pop-up camera phones we were promised have also made an appearance at Energizer’s stand:

The Ultimate U620S Pop, for instance, offers a 6.2-inch FHD+ screen, 12 + 5 + 2MP triple cameras on the rear and 16 + 2MP dual cameras on the front (when popped up, obviously), a Mediatek MT P70 octa-core chipset (2.0 GHz), dual SIM capability, 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM with microSD expandable storage up to 128GB. It also packs a 3,500 mAh battery with fast charging.

The U620S will cost €449 when it comes out in Europe later this year.

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