Early App Update Blows Lid Off Even More Samsung Announcements

Early App Update Blows Lid Off Even More Samsung Announcements

The Samsung leaks keep coming. This time around, an update to Samsung’s wearable app has revealed its entire lineup of wearables that will probably be announced along with its upcoming Galaxy S10.

The update was originally spotted yesterday by the SamCentral Twitter.

Some of the leaked wearables aren’t exactly a surprise. The smartwatch was leaked last week under the name Galaxy Sport, but it appears it’ll actually be called the Galaxy Watch Active. It is lacking Samsung’s signature rotating bezel — a travesty, if you ask this writer, as it’s the best feature on Samsung’s smartwatches — but has a 40mm case and will come in at least two colours.

Also featured in the app update are two fitness bands: The Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e. There isn’t much else to go on with regard to the bands, other than they seem to be simple trackers with colour screens and rubber straps.

It’s probably safe to assume that one will offer slightly more functionality than the other, but we’ll have to wait to see what the “e” means and what the actual differences are.

A screenshot of the botched app update. (Screenshot: Gizmodo)

And last, but not least, are the Galaxy Buds. The wireless earbuds have been leaked a few times already, but its inclusion into the app update acts as official confirmation. The main rumour is that they’ll be able to wirelessly charge directly from the Galaxy S10.

We were able to reproduce the leak on a Samsung Wearable app that does not have any devices connected to it. You’re prompted to set up a new device including all of the new devices described above.

The timing suggests this was a major oopsie on Samsung’s part. After all, its Galaxy S10 event is set for next week on February 21, just days before Mobile World Congress kicks off. We’ll know more details about these products then.