Ben Whishaw's Paddington Is Coming To Television, Break Out The Marmalade

Here’s what Paddington will look like when he comes to Nickelodeon. (Image: Nickelodeon)

Still sporting a 100 per cent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes 13 months and 222 reviews later, Paddington 2 was one of the best films of 2018. Paddington 3 is currently in development and now everyone’s favourite bear is moving into yet another medium, television.

Nickelodeon just announced it’s making a Paddington animated series aimed at pre-school age children. Ben Whishaw, who voices the character in the films, will lend his voice to the show providing some continuity with the live-action counterparts.

However, these stories will feature a younger Paddington than the one in the movies. Each episode will be bookended with the bear writing letters to his Aunt Lucy about the life lessons he learns around the city, according to Deadline.

The show is being produced by David Heyman, who did the movies, and is being developed and written by Jon Foster and James Lamont. It’s currently in production looking to air sometime in 2020. Plenty of time for you to make some marmalade.

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