All The Nokia Announcements From MWC

All The Nokia Announcements From MWC

Earlier today unveiled its new flagship, the Nokia 9. It looks beautiful and we’re itching to test out out the camera… but that’s not all the Nokia announced.

In fact, there are four other phones that we need to talk about.

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We’re yet to receive any local pricing and release dates for the 2019 Nokia range, but we’ll keep you posted once we hear anything.

Nokia 1 Plus

This is the successor to the 2018 Nokia 1, but with some updated specs.

This time around the 5.45-inch budget smart phone includes 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, a 2,500mAh battery and a 8MP rear/5MP front camera setup

We were pleasantly surprised by the original Nokia 1, which ran on Android Oreo. The new model will be updated to Android Pie, so you can expect improved performance.

We also had to work really hard to kill the battery in one day last time around, so the (upgraded?? battery) should also over-perform on this front.

The Nokia 1 will have an RRP of US$99 and mostly importantly of all – it will still have Snake.

Nokia 210

It’s unlikely that the 210 will drop in the Australian market, but we figured that you’d want to hear about it anyway.

Nestles between the 1 Plus and 3.2, and 210 is only going to cost $35 in the U.S.

And the price might have something to do with the small specs – 2.4-inch display, 16MB storage (yes, MB), 1,020mAH battery and S30+ OS with Opera pre-loaded as the browser of choice.

Sure, it still comes with Snake, but at what cost?

While it’s tempting to import one just to see what its like, we’ll be saving our pennies for the other budget options (with better specs) that Nokia will have on offer in Australia.

Nokia 3.2

Going up a price bracket, we have the Nokia 3.2, which is looking to be prices at around $US139.

This budget device has a teardrop notch that I actually kinda like.

It also has a 6.26-inch display, Snapdragon 429 CPU, 4,000mAH ‘two-day’ battery, 13MP rear/8MP selfie camera build and either a 2GB/16GB or 3GB/32GB RAM and storage setup depending on your country.

When it comes to features, it has a notification light and Google Assistant button on the side of the device.

Like its predecessor the Nokia 3.2 will definitely be coming to Australia in 2019, but we’re not sure when yet.

Nokia 4.2

If you’re on a budget but want something a little fancier, perhaps that Nokia 4.2 will pique your interest.

Even though the RAM and storage configurations are the same as the 3.2, you’re looking at a slightly beefier Snapdragon 439 CPU, as well as a 5.71-inch display.

The 4.2 also bumps up the camera specs, offering a dual 13MP/2MP rear camera setup, as well as a 8MP selfie cam.

But despite the bells and whistles, you’re looking at a smaller 3,000mAh battery.

Nokia 9 PureView

Image: Getty

And then of course there’s the new flagship, the Nokia 9 PureView.

The camera is the real hero of this device, with 3x 12MP monochrome and 2x RGB lenses. These allow for 240MP capture across 12.4 stops of dynamic range.

However, if you were looking to shoot in wide angle, you’re not going to find that here. Nokia is really doubling down on the narrative of all five cameras being used for every shot.

Down in the guts you’ll find an upgraded Snapdragon 845 CPU, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Other features include a 5.99-inch display, IP68 water resistance and an in-screen fingerprint scanner that seems to be all the rage this season.

This may not seem like as an exciting an announcement as say a Samsung, but at US$700 the 9 PureView is also going to have a much friendlier price point in Australia. Plus, the camera does sound genuinely interesting.

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