Wow, He’s Really Going To Town

Wow, He’s Really Going To Town

A family in Salinas, California, had only been using their new Ring security camera for about a month before it captured nightmare fuel — a stranger fellating their doorbell around 5:00 AM on Saturday morning.

The homeowners received an alert when the security system was triggered by the licker’s movement, according to Salinas local news outlet KION. They were out of town at the time, but their children were reportedly inside the house.

News outlet KHOU posted an unsettling minute-long video of the licking, but the outlet reports the bizarre activity went on for more than three hours.

The camera reportedly also captured the suspect in the yard, appearing as though he was relieving himself, according to KION.

Police told KION they were able to identify the 33-year-old suspect because the footage is especially clear.

Somehow the homeowner, Sylvia Dungan, doesn’t seem to be too horrified by the incident. “You kind of laugh about it afterwards because technically he didn’t do anything,” Dungan told KION.