Try Not To Get Brainwashed By The Creepy Trailer For Level 16

Try Not To Get Brainwashed By The Creepy Trailer For Level 16

Video: Things are not as they seem at a mysterious school where young girls are taught how to be “clean”.

That’s the premise of Level 16, a film written and directed by Danishka Esterhazy which feels at times like a creepy side story to The Handmaid’s Tale. In fact, I said as much in my review last year, and it’s made pretty clear in the new trailer you see below. But I think the trailer says much more than that, too. Check it out.

As you can plainly see, Level 16 is working on a bunch of different levels. It’s about this mysterious boarding school where girls are trained from very young to be a stereotype of a proper young woman. But there are the obvious implications of that. Ways to view it through modern society. And, of course, all the revelations along the way.

Read our full review below for some more insight, but definitely check out the film when you can. Level 16 hits select US cinemas and VOD on March 1. An Australian release date has not yet been announced.

Level 16 Channels The Handmaid's Tale In The Best Possible Ways, Which Is Pretty Damn Scary

Have you ever watched The Handmaid’s Tale and wondered what happens to girls born in this society? Girls who never knew the “normal” world? Well, Level 16 may give you an idea. Written and directed by Danishka Esterhazy, Level 16 is an original film, but one that shares more than a little DNA with the hit Hulu show thanks to its subject matter, pathos, and disturbing timeliness.

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