The Return Of Star Wars Resistance Contained A Subtle But Heroic Moment For Kaz

The Return Of Star Wars Resistance Contained A Subtle But Heroic Moment For Kaz

After a brief hiatus, Star Wars Resistance returned Sunday night with an episode that felt largely removed from the massively consequential trailer released last week. However, one smaller moment did stand out to me as important.

The episode, titled “Bibo,” was about Neeku finding a stinky, gross looking new pet who he names…Bibo. Bibo basically looks like if the head of the fish man from The Shape of Water was a living made of jelly. Soon after, an enormous squid creature attacks the Colossus. A creature, everyone realises, is Bibo’s mum who just wants her baby back.

That stuff was all well and good, with the animation and scale of the squid standing out in particular. And yes there were some interesting little asides with the pirate spy Synara that could become important later. But the biggest moment, at least in my eyes, was during the air battle.

Bibo and Neeku as Kaz looks on. (Image: Lucasfilm)

The Colossus sent the aces out to fight the giant creature and, eventually, Kaz joins them in the Fireball. Initially, he’s told to leave but he quickly becomes a crucial member of the battle. That’s especially true when Griff’s modified TIE fighter gets damaged. Kaz flies under his ship and positions the Fireball under the wing to make sure Griff doesn’t crash land. Instead, Kaz eases him into the sea for a nice smooth landing, saving both his ship and his life.

From there the battle goes on and nothing is made of Kaz’s heroics. But, from what we’ve seen of what’s coming next, it felt like a big moment for the character. A moment where his natural leadership abilities came into play with everyone watching. He may not be the fastest flyer on the Colossus, but he could be one of the more valuable ones in a fight. And that will certainly come into play in the coming weeks, months, and years as his story continues.

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