One Week In, And Star Trek: Discovery Might Have Already Broken Its New Captain

One Week In, And Star Trek: Discovery Might Have Already Broken Its New Captain

Tilly’s joke from the season two premiere miiiiiiiiight start becoming at least a little bit true in this week’s episode.

The international versions of Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix don’t typically have the “next time” trailers attached to the CBS All Access broadcast, but good news! As TrekMovie spotted, this season its started sharing them online instead.

Given that last week’s season premiere on All Access ended with a wider tease for the season rather than just the next episode, this gives all of us our first good look at what’s to come as the Discovery gets boldly going, in the first of two episodes this season directed by Trek icon and master chair-sitter Jonathan Frakes.

Where it’s going? The titular colony of New Eden, a surprising human outpost Captain Pike and the Discovery come across, filled with secrets and people to save when it comes under threat from an “extinction level” event. Oh, and Captain Pike’s dying!

OK, so, we all know Captain Pike won’t die — he’s gotta stick around to get promoted and then eventually injured in a training exercise that results in him using a wheelchair as we saw in the original series’ “The Menagerie”. But really, would it be some proper Star Trek if the Captain and their bridge crew weren’t in the least bit of mild jeopardy every week? And this really does look like a traditional Trek episode beyond that, in ways Discovery’s first season only rarely engaged with.

Away missions, complete with local attire to blend in! Weird new outposts to explore! That mild jeopardy that we all must wonder how they’ll ever get out of this one!

I’ve loved Discovery the most when it’s challenged a lot of what Star Trek means and even the standards it expects out of its greatest characters and institutions. But sign me all the way up for the bits where it looks like it’s engaging with the storytelling bread-and-butter that Trek has built itself on for years, too.

Star Trek: Discovery returns for “New Eden” on Thursday, January 24 in the US, and the day after on Netflix internationally, January 25.