Sony Has A Wireless Turntable Now

Sony Has A Wireless Turntable Now
Image: Sony

Hey vinyl fans, here’s a new thing for you!

Earlier today Sony announced that it would be releasing a wireless turntable with bluetooth connectivity.

As a music heathen, I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. But it is certainly a thing.

The new PS-LX310BT turntable and can absolutely be wired up via the built-in phono pre-amp if you prefer to kick it old school. If you’re into vinyl, I imagine that you sometimes probably will.

One quite nifty feature is the automatic tone arm, which can automatically lower and raise the tone arm at the beginning and end of a track.

It also has a USB-C output (much like the PS-HX500) which gives listeners the ability to digitise their collection if they so wish.

Another nice modernisation is the inclusion of a gain select switch, which allows you to pick a setting to match the volume level of the vinyl you’re playing. This is particularly useful for older records.

It will be interesting to see (or hear, rather) how the quality goes on this thing. I’m not a hardcore audiophile so I could be wrong here, but I’ve always laboured under the impression that vinyl lovers are dedicated to turntables because of the pure analog soundgasm they provide.

Wouldn’t a bluetooth connection compress that quality? Maybe tit won’t matter so much with modern vinyl, but what about those with classic connections?

Regardless, at least Sony has still provided the option of pre-amp for the purists amongst us.