SIM-only phone plans under $20 per month

SIM-only phone plans under $20 per month
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Telcos keep shovelling more and more data into phone plans, especially when it comes to the high-end. Spending around $40 per month can now easily get you at least 30GB, which is not only great news for data-lovers, but bargain-hunters too thanks to a trickle-down from the big data plans into the cheaper price categories

While low-cost phone plans haven’t had their allowances rise exponentially, there are some definite gems to be found.

So if you’d prefer your phone bill to cost less than a movie ticket, here’s a few of the highest inclusion SIM-only plans you can get for under $20 per month.

Dodo is the clear winner here, with a 6GB plan for $20 per month. You do however have to commit to a 12-month contract to nab this deal.

If that kind of commitment doesn’t sound like your jam, SpinTel is offering 5GB for $19.95 per month on a month-to-month basis. SpinTel will even waive the $10 activation fee for a limited time.

Dodo and SpinTel are both powered by the Optus network.

If you think you can get by with 4GB, there are two options worth considering. TeleChoice is the first with a 4GB plan for $16 per month, on a 12-month contract. While you’re locked in for a year, it’s one of the best cheap Telstra network plans around.

The second is Yomojo, again, powered by the Optus network. Yomojo has a no-contract 4GB plan for $19.95 and you can bundle this with more Yomojo plans for a family discount. Discounts start at 5% off your total monthly bill for two services, and go as high as 15% off with six.

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