Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 And Foldable Phone Launch Date

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 And Foldable Phone Launch Date
Image: Samsung

Phones aren’t usually the main event at CES. All of the new mobile hype is generally reserved for Mobile World Congress in late February.

Apparently Samsung wanted to break that tradition by announcing the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the company’s first foldable phone.

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In December 2018, Gizmodo UK received leaked information that the Galaxy S10 would launch at a separate Galaxy Unpacked event on February 20 – five days before MWC kicks off in Barcelona.

Surprise, they were correct! Samsung confirmed this, as well as the location in a tweet earlier today.

The festivities will apparently begin at 11AM PT (6am AEDT) at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

A report by the Wall Street Journal has also stated that Samsung’s long-rumoured (and only briefly seen) foldable device will also make its official debut at the event.

This certainly lines up with yesterday’s news regarding the device being confirmed for the first half of 2019.

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Holding its own non-MWC launch is a huge power move. I guess the company doesn’t want to share the spotlight when it comes to the tenth anniversary of the S series.

It’s also indicative of just how much importance Samsung is placing on these devices.

The confirmation of the February 20 launch date also makes it all the more likely that the Galaxy S10 spec leaks for Gizmodo UK’s article are accurate.

Other details from the report include three screen sizes – 6.1-inch display, a 6.4-inch ‘Plus’ display as well as ‘Lite’ 5.8-inch flat display.

There will also apparently be 128GB, 12GB and 1TB storage options, depending on which model you opt for.

As for pricing, the flat ‘Lite’ device will allegedly retail for £669 ($1,107), with the 128GB and 512GB versions of the mid-range S10 coming in at £799 ($1,398) and £999 ($1,748), respectively.

But the big one is the S10 Plus, which will apparently have the 128GB for £899 ($1,573), the 512GB for £1099 ($1,923) and the 1TB for £1399 ($2,448).

And don’t forget – those UK price conversions are direct and don’t include GST.

We’ll let you know if any other details are confirmed, the meantime you can read more of the “confirmed” leaks here. Bring on February 20.

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