Rob Liefeld Has Hopes For Another Attempt At An Animated Deadpool Series

Rob Liefeld Has Hopes For Another Attempt At An Animated Deadpool Series

The Jacob’s Ladder remake has lost its release date. Alex Kurtzman talks the psyche of Spock. Robin Lord Taylor hopes for a monstrous end with Gotham’s Penguin. Plus, new stills from Captain Marvel, what’s to come on Riverdale and The Flash, and new footage from The Kid Who Would Be King. Spoilers now!


Production Weekly reports Abbie Cornish has signed on to star in Bitter, an upcoming supernatural thriller concerning the ghost of an Irish child seeking vengeance on the living descendants of the family who killed him.

Jacob’s Ladder

According to Bloody-Disgusting, the Jacob’s Ladder remake has been pushed back date from it’s February 1 release date—a new date “has yet to be set.”

The Prodigy

Coming Soon has a subtle new poster for Nicholas McCarthy’s possessed child movie, The Prodigy.

The Kid Who Would Be King

Sir Patrick Stewart bequeaths Excalibur to a twelve-year-old boy in the latest TV spot.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race

Dinosaurs wreak havoc on a former Nazi moonbase in the trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, a sequel to 2012’s sci-fi/Nazisploitation hybrid, Iron Sky.

Captain Marvel

Marvel has released several new stills, mostly from the second trailer for the film.

Deadpool: The Animated Series

In a recent interview with Nerdist, Rob Liefeld stated an unnamed Marvel executive personally promised him, “don’t worry, Robert, we’re going to give you a Deadpool cartoon.” You may recall the last effort

Star Trek: Discovery

In a TV Guide interview, Alex Kurtzman revealed Spock is psychologically “broken” when first introduced in Star Trek: Discovery.

Spock, because of his experience with the Red Angel and because the seven signals and these visions that he’s had since childhood, all of his logical training cannot make sense of it. These experiences have basically broken his brain and he doesn’t have the emotional understanding of how to deal with [it] either. So both logic and emotion have failed Spock. He’s not the Spock you know from TOS yet. He’s the Spock who’s still figuring out who he is.



Speaking with Screen Rant, Robin Lord Taylor stated he hopes The Penguin becomes “a monster” by the series finale.

It’s so weird! One of the stories that I’ve always tried to tell with this character, and just with the show in general, is that Gotham City is a place that beats people down and either turns them evil or into heroes. It’s a polarising place. We start Gotham with someone of very low status, and who is just striving and striving. There is something sympathetic with Oswald in the beginning. Something identifiable, and something human inside of him. We see that he makes terrible decisions and does terrible things, but it’s out of necessity to survive. As we go forward in the fifth season, I want to see the culmination of all those years of being in Gotham and making those terrible decisions and watching someone’s humanity get stripped from him. When we end, I don’t want him to be likable. I want him to be a monster. That’s what this city has done to him. That’s what we’re working towards. It’s gonna be really amazing when we get there.


KSiteTV has images from the January 16 return episode, “No Exit.” More at the link.

The Flash

Finally, the fastest man alive takes on car thieves in the trailer for the January 15 return episode, “The Flash & The Furious.”

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