No Foolin’, Legends Of Tomorrow Returns April 1

No Foolin’, Legends Of Tomorrow Returns April 1

A perfect return date for a perfect TV show, frankly. Plus, the CW has revealed a few others…

The CW (via TVLine) has confirmed a host of return dates for several of its currently-on-break shows. Joining Legends on Mondays will be Arrow, shifting to a later slot when it returns from a two-week hiatus April 15.

Meanwhile, The 100 will return for its sixth season on Tuesday, April 30, taking the space filled by the by-then-wrapped-up Roswell reboot.

It’s been a while since we got to see the Legends, especially since they didn’t get to team up on the most recent DC/CW crossover mania, but honestly, as extended as this hiatus has been, them cheekily getting an April Fools return slot out of it is the most Legends-y thing to have happened.

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