Mark Hamill Shared Some Hot Trivia About A New Hope's Death Star Run

X-Wings, in attack position. (Image: Lucasfilm)

Decades after its release, it’s easy to imagine we know just about everything about the production of the original Star Wars. But A New Hope still holds a few secrets close to its chest. And some of them are delightful.

Mark Hamill was given a challenge. Supposedly, Friday was National Trivia Day, a fact that Google confirms but which I still don’t quite believe isn’t completely made up. Anyway, someone tweeted the Star Wars star and challenged him: what’s some trivia you can drop on us that we might not know? And Luke Skywalker delivered:

According to Hamill, a record-setting heatwave meant that the pilots assaulting the Death Star mostly went without the bottoms of their suits, wearing shorts instead. A bunch of orange jumpsuited, athletic-short-wearing heroes. What an image.

Also, what a reminder that shorts aren’t really a thing in the Star Wars universe, are they? You don’t just see people chilling in a nice pair of space cargo shorts. That’s too bad. Sometimes you need to give your legs some breathing room, y’know?

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