In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream About Ripley Or Newt Almost Being In The Predator

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream About Ripley Or Newt Almost Being In The Predator

The ending to Shane Black’s The Predator was weird, wacky, and completely out of left field, introducing a weapon that could change the game in possible sequels.

But what if the new killer wasn’t a thing, but a person? From another movie universe? Apparently, The Predator shot two alternate endings that would’ve brought Alien back into the Predator family, with Ellen Ripley or Newt stepping in as the “Predator Killer.”

Special effects artist Yuri Everson recently shared some wild behind the scenes images from the set of The Predator, showing the alternate endings to the “Predator Killer” twist (which are not included in the original DVD release). Black’s movie ended with the crew coming across a mysterious pod, opening up to reveal a gauntlet that could turn any person into a Predator, giving them a possible advantage against any future invaders.

Originally, there were hopes that it would’ve been Arnold Schwarzenegger in there, but that didn’t end up happening. Still, it was a strange ending that seemed to come out of nowhere, but it could’ve been a hell of a lot stranger

According to Everson (as shared by Bloody Disgusting), the crew originally shot three possible endings to The Predator. One was the ending they ultimately went with, while the other two would’ve changed the film—and the rebooted franchise—enormously.

One of the endings had the pod open up to reveal Ellen Ripley, played by stunt performer Breanna Watkins in a facehugger-like mask, while the other would’ve featured an adult version of Newt, also played by Watkins. Both women would’ve served as the famed “Predator Killer,” becoming the newest weapon in the fight.

These alternate endings raise a whole bunch of questions. Does this mean Fox was trying to create a new Alien and Predator shared universe, like what the production company did with Alien vs. Predator? And if so, were they trying to lure Sigourney Weaver back into the fold, to reprise her iconic role as Ripley?

Also, how would this rebooted universe explain away Newt’s death from Alien 3?

Granted, there were plans a few years ago to bring Newt back in Neill Blomkamp’s planned Aliens sequel, but those never came to fruition.

Sadly, as these endings were never used, we may never know…though we can always hope they’ll release the alternate endings in the future, so we can see what could have been. In the meantime, there are rumblings of more Alien stories in the future. So even if The Predator didn’t bring them back, the story doesn’t look to be over yet.