IKEA And Sonos Team Up To Deliver Symfonisk Smart Speakers

Sonos has been the leader in delivering great audio around the home for some time. And there probably aren't that many homes without at least some IKEA furniture. Now, the two market leaders are joining forces to bring the Symfonisk smart speaker range to us. The Symfonisk line of smart speakers will be fully compatible with Sonos’ existing products and Ikea’s Home Smart line of of power outlets, lights, and window shades.

IKEA has been adding smarter features to its product range for some time. A walk through their retail maze-stores reveals Qi-compatible charging devices that can be easily added to tables and desks as well as the TRÅDFRI range of smart lighting accessories. Adding sound is a smart move and partnering with Sonos givens the Symfonisk range some serious cred.

Details are still sketchy with a release date of August 2019 on the cards. And then it may be a little later before we see those products arrive locally. The TRÅDFRI took a few months to arrive here after their northern hemisphere release.

I'm a big fan of Sonos gear. The big question will be whether they can delver the high quality sound people expect at an IKEA-friendly price-point.

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