I Have Some Opinions About These Dumbo Character Posters

I Have Some Opinions About These Dumbo Character Posters

I just saw a new slate of character posters for the upcoming Dumbo reboot by Tim Burton, and boy I wish I hadn’t.

Tim Burton’s Dumbo is, aesthetically, very Tim Burton, over the top in a way that’s deliberately uncanny and a little strange. And that may or may not be your thing. But these character posters, I don’t know. They just don’t seem right to me. Let’s take a look (via Collider).

Dumbo! (Image: Disney)

OK, am I the only one legitimately scared of Dumbo’s eyes here? Like, honestly frightened. I don’t think those are what an elephant’s eyes are supposed to look like.

Colin Farrell in Dumbo. (Image: Disney)

Honestly, this one’s fine, though Colin Farrell looks kind of like a lesser Bush brother here.

Eva Green in Dumbo. (Image: Disney)

I have questions about her hair, and the accessories therein. Is that an entire bird in there? Also, let me take this moment to say that the design of the blue smoke just looks weird to me here. It’s kind of tacky

Danny Devito in Dumbo. (Image: Disney)

OK, this is what I really came here to talk about. Danny Devito as a circus owner. Why does this fabulous idea just completely fail to work in this poster? Why does he look scared? Is he, too, frightened by Dumbo’s eyes? Why did they choose to cut his hand off like that? Also, I kind of suspect that Danny Devito just owns that outfit, and brought it to set with him one day. What a great dude. He deserves better than this movie.

Michael Keaton in Dumbo. (Image: Disney)

Michael Keaton isn’t Peter Sellers, but that’s not going to stop Tim Burton from trying.

Anyway, whether or not you liked these character posters, Dumbo is coming out March 29, 2019, to unleash that elephant’s sad eyes on us all.