Hulu’s Latest Into The Dark Trailer Is About An Elevator Ride From Hell

Hulu’s Latest Into The Dark Trailer Is About An Elevator Ride From Hell

Swing your partner round and round, end of the night it’s going “Down.” The trailer for Hulu and Blumhouse’s latest episode of the Into the Dark anthology series is all about two people, an elevator, and the worst Valentine’s Day weekend ever.

Coming on the heels of the Sophia Takal-directed New Year’s special, “New Year, New You,” is the horror anthology’s take on a bad Valentine’s Day. “Down” stars Natalie Martinez (Death Race) and Matt Lauria as two office workers who get trapped on an elevator just as they’re leaving for the holiday weekend.

According to the official synopsis, things start off on a romantic note but quickly turn terrifying in this mash-up of horror and rom-coms. As the days go by and no one comes to help — the security guards are missing and someone is remotely deleting computer files, making the whole situation feel suspicious — Martinez and Lauria’s characters find themselves at odds as they struggle to survive their elevator prison.

All of the previous episodes of Into the Dark have centered around a single killer, so it seems likely that this latest instalment is going to follow the trajectory. But, who is the murderer? Based on the trailer, my gut says Lauria’s character, who’s only credited as “Guy” on IMDB, but we shouldn’t be deceived by appearances.

A killer surprise could be in store. My biggest question is how the hell Martinez’s character has cell phone power after three days in that elevator. Hope her purse contains a bunch of spare batteries.

“Down” arrives on Hulu February 1.