Earth Is Dying And It's Time For Humans To GTFO In The First Trailer For Netflix's IO

IO shows a grim and not entirely far-fetched view of the future. (Image: Netflix)

The planet has become dangerously toxic, and a woman (Margaret Qualley) who’s determined to go down with the ship meets a fellow survivor (Anthony Mackie), who tells her the very last shuttle ferrying people to a space colony is about to depart. Will she go — and more importantly, will they make it?

After Bird Box, Netflix is clearly hoping to score another surprise hit with its next genre release, though IO’s nightmares look to be generated from human-spawned environmental devastation rather than anything remotely supernatural.

IO hits Netflix on January 18 and Mackie will also star in the streaming service’s next season of Altered Carbon, which does not yet have a release date.

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