A Glimpse At The Glorious Future Of Display Tech

LG Display is not LG.

LG Display makes displays that go in products from a wide variety of companies—including many LG competitors. And it’s really good at making those displays. Its concepts are a peek at what to expect from TV, laptop, and phone makers in the coming years.

That’s why it’s no surprise that there’s a phone display in their showroom that looks like the one that’s rumoured for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 phone, complete with an adorable little punch out for the front-facing camera. It would be ridiculous if LG made Samsung’s display, but the point is that the company’s showroom is a great place to look for what’s next.

LG Display is super secretive, though, and it’s hard to get access to see the concepts for the next few years. But don’t worry, we did and showcased them in the video above.

What should you expect for the coming years? A lot of 8K televisions, a lot of new displays in cars, and, apparently, a flower made out of TVs.

Also, expect faster OLEDs. LG was showing off an OLED display capable of what appeared to be a sub-three millisecond response time. That’s pretty unheard of in OLEDs, and it’s something that made many people—particularly gamers—reluctant to buy an OLED. Dropping down to 3ms puts the TV display we saw into a sweet spot acceptable for gamers.

Speed was the name of the game with the laptop displays we saw as well, with LG showing off a 38cm laptop display with a 240Hz refresh rate. That makes sense—Razer promises a 38cm laptop with such a display later this year.

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