This Artist Has Turned The Movie Poster Into A Science

Poster for Suspiria. Those creepy hands! (Illustration: Scott Saslow)

If you want to master something, do it a lot. Artist Scott Saslow took that to heart when he, a couple years ago, embarked on a project to create one movie poster a year. Now, he's still making posters, and his work is incredible — minimal but iconic, made with a deft awareness of exactly how to translate a film into a single arresting image.

A poster for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (Illustration: Scott Saslow)

Scott Saslow was generous enough to share some of his work with Gizmodo to feature, and it's impressive stuff. The Suspiria poster, in particular, is an excellent design, creepy and communicative. And the The Shape of Water poster is delightfully literal.

I really love the colours in this one. (Image: Scott Saslow)
Poster for Birdman. (Illustration: Scott Saslow)
Poster for The Shape of Water. (Illustration: Scott Saslow)

If you dig Scott's work, you can see his portfolio here, or follow his Instagram.

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