The Bravest Warriors Eat Their Way To Victory In This Exclusive Season Finale Clip

When the fate of your parents is at stake, sometimes the only solution – as we see in this exclusive clip from the season finale of Bravest Warriors – is to eat a bunch of cupcakes.

the Warriors’ parents arrived, the Courageous Battlers. Unfortunately, the Battlers have found themselves “happily trapped” in the See-Thru Zone and the Warriors want to rescue them. But do their parents want to be rescued, or is their bliss a sign of something more nefarious?

Doesn’t matter, the Warriors are going after their parents anyway! And they’re using the best tool at their disposal: Giving Catbug a bunch of cupcakes.

Bravest Warriors, the web short-turned-animated series from Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward, is finishing up its fourth season on VRV.