Steven Universe Is Teasing Even More Mysteries About Pink Diamond

Steven Universe Is Teasing Even More Mysteries About Pink Diamond

As late in the game as Steven Universe’s plot seems to be at this point, one would imagine that the show wouldn’t have all that many narrative twists and turns left to it, and would instead focus on answering questions.

But the show’s latest episode, “Familiars,” continues to build out Steven Universe’s mythos in significant ways—introducing just as many questions about Steven and the Diamonds as it answers.

While “Familiar” primarily focuses on the faint echoes that Steven is able to pick up on from his former life as Pink Diamond, the most curious part of the episode actually takes place in a quick montage of drawings that we’re meant to understand Steven (or perhaps Pink Diamond) created from memory.

While Steven is sorting through drawings of the Diamond Authority, we see that, at one point, the organisation was merely a trio before the arrival of a comet that crash-landed into their planet. It’s not spelled out exactly, but the montage goes on to suggest that a new Gem — Pink Diamond — ended up being born from said meteorite and becoming a key part of Gem society.

As Steven Universe has gradually revealed the details of Rose Quartz’s history with the Crystal Gems and their rebellion, the show has always made her out to have been a free-thinking radical that the Homeworld Gems could never have hoped to understand. “Familiars,” in a very subtle way, hints that there was never really any hope of Pink fitting in with the other Gems and their plans for domination, specifically because she’s not quite like or of them

It’s the kind of background and history that makes a lot more of Steven Universe’s previous episodes make sense — and promises some even more fascinating encounters when Steven inevitably ends up coming face to face with White Diamond again.