Samsung’s Going To Make Very Real Products With The Very Fake Version Of Supreme

Samsung’s Going To Make Very Real Products With The Very Fake Version Of Supreme

During the launch event for the Galaxy A8s in China, Samsung announced an upcoming partnership with Supreme, the New York streetwear brand known for slapping its name on premium-priced merchandise. Except, it wasn’t actually that Supreme. The partnership is instead with Supreme Italia, a knock-off brand that exists thanks to international trademark loopholes.

After recently getting caught using a photo from a DSLR camera to promote the capabilities of its Galaxy A8 Star’s smartphone’s portrait mode, you’d have assumed that Samsung would be trying to keep its nose clean at least until the new year rolled around. But at its A8s event, Samsung even trotted out two representatives claiming to be Supremes CEOs who, according to Hypebeast, even boasted about Supreme’s entry into the Chinese market next year, complete with a towering flagship store in Beijing.

The original Supreme brand has tried to shut down the foreign brands that use its name and logo outside the United States, but because the brand was never officially registered in certain parts of the world, fakes like Supreme Italia continue to thrive under the blessing of their local courts.

Samsung is not only completely aware that it’s working with a knock-off version of Supreme, but it’s also defending the partnership. According to Engadget, in a now removed post on the social media microblogging site Weibo, Samsung China’s digital marketing manager, Leo Lau, was upfront about working with Supreme Italia, not the original Supreme, which isn’t able to legally sell its branded products in countries like China.

There are no details on exactly what products will be born from this collaboration, but you can undoubtedly expect them to be as expensive as merchandise branded by the real Supreme.

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