Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Release Date, Specs, Sizes & UK Prices

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Release Date, Specs, Sizes & UK Prices

Listen up, Samsung fans: we’ve got a bumper leak about the upcoming Galaxy S10 for you.

Some details of the new phone have already slipped out, but a source at a major tech retailer has now approached us with the S10 launch date, release date, storage sizes, screen sizes, variants, some features and even the UK price points.

Excited? We are. Here’s the news.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 launch and release dates

The S10 (as we’re assuming it’s named – it’s still being called ‘Beyond’ within Samsung, so there’s a chance the final public name will be something else) will launch at a Samsung Unpacked event before Mobile World Congress 2019, on the 20th of February.

The phone will be available for preorder from that date, and will then be released on Friday the 8th of March.

Samsung Galaxy S10 features

Our source (who has verified their identity) tells us there’ll be three versions of the S10: the regular version, a Plus version, and a flat version – interesting to hear they’re bringing back the non-curved screen.

As we suspected already, the S10 will have the Infinity O display, aka the doughnut or hole-punch design whereby a hole’s made in the front of the screen to contain the selfie camera and avoid having a notch. Samsung has just unveiled a phone with this feature: the Galaxy A8.

Like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the S10 will be able to wirelessly charge other devices with a feature they’re calling Powershare. We don’t yet know the battery sizes, though.

The Galaxy S10 will indeed have an in-screen fingerprint scanner, and as previously leaked by Evan Blass, it’ll be ultrasonic.

Rather than the cheaper optical fingerprint sensor on phones like the OnePlus 6T, it’ll use ultrasound waves to read the ridges of your finger in 3D, which is a heck of a lot more secure than the 2D picture an optical scanner gathers by bouncing light off your finger.

As we suspected, there’ll be no iris scanner on the S10: no news on updated facial recognition, though.

Samsung Galaxy S10 screen sizes

The regular version of the Galaxy S10 will have a 6.1-inch screen. The Plus (or whatever it ends up called) will have a 6.4-inch screen, while the cheaper ‘flat’ version of the phone will be 5.8 inches.

This information corresponds to the screen sizes leaked to Evan Blass by a case manufacturer last week.

Another case leak strongly hints that the phone will still have a regular 3.5mm headphone jack, but we don’t have confirmation of that yet.

Samsung Galaxy S10 storage sizes and prices

Here’s the good stuff.

The flat, 5.8-inch version of the S10 will have 128GB of storage and retail at £669.

The regular, curved version of the S10 with its 6.1-inch screen will come in a choice of 128GB or 512GB of storage (crikey!) at £799 and £999 respectively.

The S10 Plus is where it gets really exciting, though: there’ll be a 128GB version for £899, a 512GB version breaking the thousand pound barrier at £1099, and a one terabyte Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for a bank-breaking £1399.

We’re not sure many people will actually buy that one, but it’ll certainly grab Samsung some headlines. It’s also not clear if it’s the same model as the rumoured 6.7-inch special edition with six cameras previously reported by the Wall Street Journal.

5G and other features

While we know from a previous leak that the S10 will likely have three cameras on the back, we don’t have any more info on that yet, or whether it’ll include the 48MP sensor that was recently announced. Doesn’t look as if it’ll have four cameras like the already-announced Galaxy A9, though.

We do know that unsurprisingly, 5G services won’t be available on the S10 at launch, or in Q1 2019 at all. Our source tells us it’ll be “late Q2 at the earliest.”

That’ll give them time to fix the corner notch, at least.

We’ve emailed Samsung for comment, in the unlikely event that someone feels like confirming or denying the information. It doesn’t seem likely, but we’ll update this post if there’s anything to be said. But what do you reckon of these leaks? Would you buy a 1TB phone for £1400? Let us know in the comments, because at this point we’re pretty much at Full Hype and need people to talk to about it.

Roll on February.

This post was originally published on Gizmodo UK.