Outdoor Philips Hue Smart Lights Are A Thing Now

Outdoor Philips Hue Smart Lights Are A Thing Now

Today it was announced that outdoor Philips Hue smart lights will now be available in Australia – conveniently in time for summer. Here’s what you need to know.

The addition of outdoor lighting options to the Hue network is obviously great for backyard ambiance, but they also allow for added security. And if you look at them lights themselves are far more reminiscent of security spotlights than delicate garden fairy lights.

Like any Hue light, you can control them remotely from the app, or schedule them to turn on at random points during the day. You can also set timers for them so they turn on when you’re away.

In regards to everyday use, they fit into the previously existing indoor Hue ecosystem by allowing you to sync them to your personal schedule thanks to the app’s location awareness functionality. For example – you can set them to turn off when you leave the house and back on when you arrive home.

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“People already create ambiance inside their homes with lighting, tailoring it to reflect the function and feel of each space. Now we’ve extended this flexibility and freedom into the outdoors allowing for a personalised lighting experience at the simple touch of a button,” says Sam Dearden, Consumer Channel Marketing Manager, ANZ.

The entire Philips Hue outdoor range is available from today at Bunnings at JB Hi-Fi – and like the existing indoor lights in the range you have both White and Colour options.

The White and Colour Ambiance Spot Lily base unit packs are $169.95 respectively and the extension lights come in at $129.95. There is also Colour Ambiance Calla bollard available for $219.95 with an extension light option for $159.95.

You can learn more about the range here.