New Zealand Is Frothing Over Its First IKEA

Image: IKEA

After years of waiting, thirsting for those damn meatballs, our mates over in New Zealand are finally being blessed with an IKEA.

Unsurprisingly, they're getting pretty hyped over the prospect of that Billy Bookcase life.

IKEA Wants To Give You Vouchers For Your Old Furniture

IKEA Australia has just announced the Australia's first furniture take-back service, where customers can return unwanted IKEA items and be paid back in store vouchers. This incentive has been introduced by the company as part of its aim to become a 100% circular economy company by 2030.

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According to The Guardian, NZ Foreign Minister Winston Peters is low key claiming credit due to opening up an embassy in Stockholm in October.

"We set up an embassy in Stockholm about two months ago now and the great news is: here comes Ikea to be operating in New Zealand,” Peters told Newstalk ZB. “They had all these other years they didn’t come and now they’re coming.”

The news is being celebrated on major news channels across the country, but New Zealand Twitter and Reddit also have some opinions about the opening.




Also, apparently New Zealand doesn't have ALDI!? RIP.

Despite the excitement, there is no timeline on when or where the store will open and options are still being explored. Our prayers are with you, NZ.

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