Macaulay Culkin Reprises His Home Alone Role For A Google Ad

Macaulay Culkin is back as Kevin McCallister from Home Alone in an all new Twitter ad for the Google Home.

The video depicts a grown up Kevin repeating the acts of the first movie in 1990, with the most famous scenes being remade with the adult Kevin using his smart home Google home devices in each scene. Instead of using strings and booby traps technology has made many of Kevin's booby traps and boisterous entertainment easier. Over the years Kevin has clearly mastered the art of his wacky antics.

We even got a small look into the current day lives of the thieves from the first movie, Harry and Marv, who drive by in a white van. It seems they were staking out the house to attempt some kind of sick revenge on Kevin, but were outplayed by him once again.

The scenes are pretty on point as recreations go.

It's a pretty clever ad that no one really saw coming. Well done Google marketing, more of these please.

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