Lunch Time Deals: Get A Discounted GoPro Hero7

Lunch Time Deals: Get A Discounted GoPro Hero7

If you’re looking to get a brand new GoPro ahead of Christmas, you can now save yourself some dollarydoos. eBay has all three GoPro Hero7 devices on sale right now.

The GoPro Hero7 Black is now down to $569.99 (usually $599.95), the Silver is down to $399.99 (usually $449.95) and the White is down to $289.99 (Usually $299.95).

The best buy here in terms of savings is definitely the mid-range Silver, coming in at around $50 off.

While the sale is nothing crazy (we wish) but it might be enough to tempt you if you had been considering one anyway.

I Strapped GoPro's Hero7 Black To My Dog And My Hog To See How Stable The Video Really Is

On paper at least, I’m the stereotype of a GoPro customer. I snowboard and mountain bike. I ride motorcycles and dirt bikes. I fly drones. I go on scenic hikes with my dogs. But I haven’t actually purchased an action cameras since 2014 when I picked up a Hero4 Silver. Until last week, I thought it did the job fine. Boy, was I wrong.

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