In Men In Black: International, The Car Becomes A Gun

In Men In Black: International, The Car Becomes A Gun

So, the new trailer for The Fate of the Furious and The Italian Job, directed it.

I don’t know much about the movie itself, but I have gleaned from the trailer that at least one Jaguar XJ from the ‘70s can become a gun (note from Jason: Yeah, it’s a ‘73 to ‘78, I’d say. I did a whole post on those tail lights).

Let’s dissect.

“Side-view mirror!” Thor orders, while our heroes are presumably being attacked.

Valkyrie complies: Grabbing it, she discovers that it unfolds into a rack holding at least three different hand cannons like a fan. “Oh, wow,” she breathes. Totally!

Where was such a large collection of weapons hiding? Down near the front left wheel-well? Doesn’t it seem a bit too big for that? And wouldn’t that hinder the opening and closing of the front door?

Anyway, she selects the bottom one.

Thor, meanwhile, reaches for the corner of the right-side rear bumper. That slides out to reveal a chrome shotgun-type weapon (notice: The trailer cuts this slightly out of sequence, as there’s a shot of him cocking the shotgun before he actually pulls it out). This packaging situation actually seems plausible, as those old Jags had very long trunks.

Then the hubcap pops off to become a drum magazine. Handy! I wouldn’t want to drive over a pothole with that, but when you’re being chased down by aggressive beings from another planet, it helps to be prepared.

Then we cut back for a shot of them both, and Valkyrie has apparently upgraded from the smaller gun to one roughly the size of a removable gun turret. It fires purple rounds. I have no idea where this gun came from, but perhaps it, too, was assembled from hidden compartments within the Jag.

I should think that it’s easier to simply carry fully assembled weapons in your car to spare yourself the hassle of putting them together in a time of crisis, but I will admit that this way is much more secretive. Which is the whole point of the Men in Black agency.

Men in Black: International has a projected release date of June 14, 2019.