Ho Ho Ho, The Die Hard Debate Is Settled

Ho Ho Ho, The Die Hard Debate Is Settled
Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Fight me.

For years, the internet has fruitlessly debated over whether Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever or if it even counts as a Christmas movie at all. Those are the two options, there is no middle ground. 20th Century Fox have weighed in with a new trailer that should settle this issue once and for all.

Titled “Die Hard The Greatest Christmas Story” the new trailer leaves no doubt which side of the debate 20th Century Fox falls on – the correct one.

Filled with jaunty music and all of your favourite quips, the trailer showcases just what makes Die Hard the best Christmas movie ever.

If that’s not Christmas-y enough for you, then you could follow it up with The Muppet Christmas Carol for something that the Scrooges of the world can relate to.