Hark! Telstra Payphones Are Free Right Now

Hark! Telstra Payphones Are Free Right Now

Telstra is waiving the fee for all payphones between 24 and 26 December. The offer covers local, national and mobile calls. Telstra is pitching this is a way for phoneless Australians to contact loved ones on Christmas.

It’s also a wonderfully cheeky opportunity to make prank phone calls.

For the past few years, Teltra has been offering free phone calls on its public payphone network over Christmas holidays. To take advantage of the offer, simply pick up one of Telstra’s 16,000 public payphones and start dialling – no calling cards or coins necessary!

This year, Telstra is also offering free access to Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots in selected areas. This means you can connect to public Wi-Fi with your tablet or smartphone, even if you’re not a Telstra customer.

As mentioned, the free calls are limited to standard national, local and standard mobile numbers. Overseas phone calls will still command a fee.

We think this is a great initiative by Telstra to help out the less fortunate during the season of giving. Plus, you can totally make free, untraceable phone calls to rile up your mates. Just sayin’.