Gizmodo’s Fitness Christmas Gift Guide

Gizmodo’s  Fitness Christmas Gift Guide

For those of us who actually enjoy going outside and sweating occasionally there is technology made just for you.

Misfit Vapor

While most people stick with Fitbits, some prefer to get more specific with their fitness technology. Smartwatches like Misfit Vapor are for users who lean more towards smartwatches having built in fitness capabilities than just having a purely fitness based wearable.

The Misfit Vapor can do everything a Fitbit can do, along with all the utilities of a smartwatch.

Price: $180

Phone Storage Workout Bottle

Need a place to keep your phone, wallet and keys during your workout? Well look no more, as someone has decided to design a water bottle that can hold your items alongside the water during your workout.

This convenience is a revolutionary upgrade to fitness technology and branding. Finally I will be able to go to training at night and not lose my personal items in the grass.

Price: $22


At this point everyone knows about Fitbits, the leading brand in fitness watches for some time now. When purchasing one it does help to know that the brand goes beyond just a watch that can track your fitness, and even has more specialised products for different lifestyles and uses.

The Versa is more of a smartwatch with fitness technology entwined. It is a great watch for those who like the fitness lifestyle and the added benefits of a smart watch.

Image: Fitbit

The Alta focuses more on the fitness aspects instead, not classifying itself as a smart watch and instead being used just for fitness tracking.

Picking the one that fits into your budget and needs are important factors to consider.

Price: Alta $349, Versa $269


Yes, you read that right. FitBark is a fitness tracker for your canine friendo that attaches to the collar. With your smartphone you can track activity levels, quality of sleep, distance traveled, calories burned and overall health of your doggo.

Honestly I need one of these just to see how much my Labrador sleeps in a single day.

Price: $70

Moov Now Personal Fitness Coach Workout Tracker

If you have ever wanted a robotic voice to yell instructions to you while exercising then this is the fitness tracker for you. With a built in ‘coach’ function the Moov Now will talk to you during work outs and count your reps. Dust proof and water proof for all kinds of terrain you plan on working out in.

Price: $80

Mark One Pryme Vessyl Personal Hydration Tracker

Have trouble keeping track of your water intake, or even getting enough water during your day? Then the hydration tracker is for you.

This smart cup will help you keep track of your hydration levels and alert you to important milestones through your smartphone and app. A great device if you struggle to get those 8 cups of water a day (which is actually a misnomer; most of our water intake comes through foods).

Price: $193

Samsung Gear IconX

No workout is complete without a kick arse soundtrack to pump you up. Finding the right headphones to workout with can be hard, but the Samsung Gear IconX have all of the qualities I look for in Bluetooth earbuds.

With 1,000 songs on board and a long battery life my workouts have never sounded so good. Thanks to the Light Running Coach built in I have found my routines to be more structured. While this pair may not have the fitness tracking capabilities of other earbuds; they don’t need them, that’s what my smartwatch is for.

Price: $130

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