Deals: Samsung Galaxy S9 + 30GB Data + Google Home Mini For $69 A Month

Image: Supplied

Yesterday some pretty major details about the Samsung Galaxy S10 dropped. But we're still a few months away from the new flagship and maybe you're in the market for a new phone plan now?

Telstra has a pretty good deal going on the Samsung Galaxy S9. This is what you can get.

$69 a month gets you the 64GB model of the S9 with 30GB of data, as well as a free Google Home Mini. Not bad! If you already have a Google Assistant device, maybe re-gift it at Christmas (you're welcome, mum).

The only potential downsides are that you don't get any international calls or texts thrown in and you're locked into a 24-month contract.

From my experience with the S9 earlier this year - it's a great phone. If you don't mind having a slightly older handset for a couple of years and don't need to call overseas, these probably won't be issues for you.

Once you throw in the Telstra's coverage game (which usually comes at a much higher price), it's a pretty tempting offer.

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