Deals: Here Are Some Cheap Google Pixel 3 Phone Plans

Deals: Here Are Some Cheap Google Pixel 3 Phone Plans

If you’re in the market for a Google Pixel 3 and don’t want to buy outright, Telstra and Optus have some pretty sweet plans on offer right now.

Telstra has slashed its 20GB plan on the 64GB Pixel 3 by $15 a month – bringing it down to $89. The deal runs until December 31, but if you sign up before Christmas Eve a Google Home Mini will be thrown in for good measure.

Telstra is pushing those bad boys HARD right now. Its even offering one up in its current $69 Samsung Galaxy S9 deal.



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Telstra has a pretty good deal going on the Samsung Galaxy S9. This is what you can get.”]

As an FYI the $89 a month plan doesn’t apply to the 128GB model of the Pixel 3, or the XL.

While this deal is quite good, it’s important to note that you can get a Pixel 3 with 100GB of data for $5 less through Optus. This is vastly better if you’re looking for the best value when it comes to data.

However, you’re always going to pay a premium when it comes to getting that Telstra coverage, so it all depends on what you value more.

Here’s a comparison of 64GB Pixel 3 plans on 24-month contracts.

It’s weird to see Vodafone being the most expensive option here, especially when it comes with only half the amount of data as Optus. On the plus side, the telco does do sneaky discounts on different handsets.

In regards to the 64GB Pixel 3, I found the $45 Red Plan was dropped to $31.50 over on the Vodafone website, bringing the price down to $81 a month.

You can still get this deal by clicking through on the table above.

Happy planning!