Bumblebee Is Granted A Voice, The Halo Series Loses A Key Figure, And More

Bumblebee Is Granted A Voice, The Halo Series Loses A Key Figure, And More

Joker has wrapped filming, another Stephen King adaptation is on the way, and Kylo Ren might get a swanky new look in Star Wars. The Halo and Tales from the Crypt series get some major shakeups. Plus a new clip from Aquaman. Dive this way for spoilers!

Bumblebee Is Granted A Voice, The Halo Series Loses A Key Figure, And More

Indiana Jones 5

Speaking with Cinema Blend, Karen Allen stated she’s “very much hoping” to return as Marion Crane for the next Indiana Jones film.

I’m patiently waiting, no they haven’t [called]. I’m very much hoping that I will be a part of it and I think, from my understanding, they are creatively working away on a script that they will be happy enough with. They don’t want to rush into it If they’re going to do this they want it to be wonderful.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Deadline reports Brie Larson will star in Charlie Kaufman’s film adaptation of I’m Thinking of Ending Things, the 2016 psychological horror novel from Iain Reed. Ostensibly, the story concerns a man named Jake stranding his girlfriend, only referred to as “The Girlfriend,” at an abandoned high school in the middle of a snowstorm.


According to IGN, actor Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner, Teen Wolf) will voice the titular Autobot in the Transformers prequel opening December 21.

In the meantime, watch Bumblebee rock out to Billy Idol in the latest TV spot.

The Dolls

Variety reports Laura Dern and Issa Rae will star in a limited HBO series. They say, “Inspired by true events, the series recounts the aftermath of Christmas Eve riots in two small Arkansas towns in 1983, riots which erupted over Cabbage Patch Dolls.”

Once Upon a Deadpool

The holiday-timed Deadpool 2 re-release gets a new themed poster.


Deadline reports Sam Raimi will produce a film adaptation of the 1983 James Herbert horror novel, Shrine, concerning a journalist investigating a string of miracles in a small New England town. Evan Spiliotopoulos is set to write and direct the project for Screen Gems.

Star Wars: Episode IX

According to Making Star Wars, Kylo Ren will enjoy a new mask made of “red crystalline bonding material, while BB-8 is paired with an even smaller droid named D.O. in Episode IX.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

A new update to the film’s tie-in website reveals Monarch Sciences has built a research outpost over Loch Ness.


The Daily Mail reports filming has wrapped in New York City.


Mera and Vulko encourage Aquaman to dethrone Orm in the film’s first clip.

Leprechaun Returns

Bloody-Disgusting has even more photos from the latest entry in the Leprechaun franchise. Head over there to see the rest.

Bumblebee Is Granted A Voice, The Halo Series Loses A Key Figure, And More

The Last Man

Hayden Christensen prepares for an “apocalyptic electrical storm” prophesied by Harvey Keitel in the first trailer for The Last Man.

The Outsider

According to Variety, Ben Mendelsohn will both star in and produce HBO’s upcoming television series based on Stephen King’s recently released supernatural police procedural. Co-executive producer Jason Bateman will direct the first two episodes.


Deadline reports Rupert Wyatt is no longer involved as director or producer with Showtime’s Halo television series.

Tales From the Crypt

In a new interview with Digital Spy, M. Night Shyamalan revealed his Tales From the Crypt reboot is no longer happening.

I think it’s dead. We tried everything that we could. That was so mired in people that had rights to it… constantly mired from the original comic books to the people that did the original show and that was a very contentious era for that show and who was involved and all the stuff that had nothing to do with me, a generation before me.

Agents of SHIELD

Mack takes over as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a new photo from TV Line.

Bumblebee Is Granted A Voice, The Halo Series Loses A Key Figure, And More

Swamp Thing

Set photos have surfaced of Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane and Andy Bean as Dr. Alec Holland.

Legends of Tomorrow

Finally, cats, puppets, lasers, and unicorns take over the Waverider in the trailer for “Legends of To-Meow-Meow,” the midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow.

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