Aston Martin Is Fitting Classic Cars With Electric Powertrains

Aston Martin Is Fitting Classic Cars With Electric Powertrains

Electrification doesn’t have to be reserved just for the upcoming, futuristic cars. Sometimes, we can take old, classic cars and turn them into EVs, too. It’s better for the environment this way. Aston Martin agrees, which is why it’s rolling out a new plan to release a reversible EV powertrain conversion.

With knowledge gleaned from developing the all-electric Rapide E sedan and the upcoming range of emission-free Lagondas, Aston Martin’s “cassette” EV powertrain will have components from the Rapide E program. The first car that will get the new powertrain is an original 1970 DB6 MkII Volante.

The powertrain, encased in its own cell, will sit on top of the original engine and gearbox mountings. “Umbilical cords from the power unit then feed the car’s electrical systems. Power management is operated via a dedicated screen, which is discreetly fitted to the car’s interior,” reads the company press release.

Aston Martin appears to understand that classic car collectors are a finicky bunch, concerned with the “integrity” of the original car, so this cassette system is fully removable if the owner wants the original powertrain back. But if, say, tomorrow we completely run out of crude oil and there is no gasoline left for anyone ever again, these classic Aston Martins will still be able to run. Just silently.

As it stands, emissions regulations are already tightening in many city centres. If owners want to drive their classic Astons in these urban areas, this might soon be the only option.

Do I absolutely love the sound of these old Astons? Yes. But if it’s a little better for the environment, silent is better than sitting in a museum.