11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Us Star Wars Nerds

11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Us Star Wars Nerds

Christmas is chaotic. Finding gifts for every person in your family, including that one cousin you got in the Secret Santa draw, can be mind numbing and difficult. But that’s what gift guides are for. The more specific the better, and they don’t come more specific than this.

Here are our top picks for finding the best gift for the Star Wars fan in your life.

R2-Q5 App-Enabled Droid

Image Source: Amazon

Nerdy kids love getting technology and geeky stuff for Christmas, so why not combine the two and get them a cool new companion. This little droid can dance, chase your pets and watch you sleep at night.

He has a bit of a personality too, which makes sense as he is a Imperial droid, and has some choice beeps to retort in conversation. Fill that hole on your heart with an evil minion all of your own with the R2-Q5 App-Enabled Droid.

Price: $375

Sphero Sphero BB-8 Enabled Droid

Image Source: Amazon

If they are more of a BB-8 fan then this a great alternative to the R2-Q5 App-Enable Droid above. This cutie can do all of the above mentioned tasks, along with a Holographic Communication option which allows you to record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8.

Enjoy countless hours with your own personal droid friend and team up against the cat/dog this Christmas morning.

Price: $169

Star Wars Coffee Press R2D2 Limited Edition 4 Cup

Image source: Amazon

For the coffee lovers who are capable of ingesting an entire pot of coffee in one sitting, then this is for you. While the quality of french press is nothing to write home about, the price and gimmick make up for it as a whole. Its a thoughtful gift to get your Dad to enjoy with his Sunday morning black coffee and newspaper.

Personally I think decking out your kitchen in nerdy gear is a perfectly normal adult choice to make.

Price: $122

LEGO Star Wars BB-8 75187 Playset Toy

Image source: Amazon

It is a fair assumption to make that no one in the world dislikes Lego, anyone who says so is just a demon in disguise. While they can cause pain if stepped on barefoot, the pain is only momentary compared to the endless hours of fun to be had.

Price: $98

Star Wars The Last Jedi Poe Dameron X Wing Pilot Helmet With Sound Effects

Image source: Amazon

A collector’s dream in one. While it may not be the one worn by one Mr Poe Dameron himself, the level of detail and care in this helmet is pretty cool. If The Last Jedi was your thing, which it was for some, then this helmet is a great addition to the house.

Soar into action like an ace X-wing fighter pilot from the comfort of your own living room.

Price: $70

Crosley Star Wars The Last Jedi Cruiser Deluxe Turntable

Image source: Amazon

Vinyls are back in and they don’t get any cooler than this Crosley Star Wars The Last Jedi Delux Turntable. Not only is this an on brand gift, it is pretty practical in the modern hipster age as technology will soon make a full circle and return to vinyl as the main audio technology once again.

When the world ends your gift recipient will be able to enjoy music with the few remaining batteries in existence.

Price: $180

Star Wars STW448A Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Image source: Amazon

Turn your weekly DND gatherings into a themed BBQ party with these Star War Lightsaber BBQ Tongs. Whether its with your mates or a family gathering, these tongs are sure to be a conversation starter around the BBQ.

A customary testing of these must be implemented before each use.

Price: $55

Fantasy Flight Games SW03 Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game

Image source: Amazon

Board games are cool now and what better theme to use for a board game than the enormous and ever expanding universe of Star Wars. If you like board games and Star Wars then give Fantasy Flight Games SW03 Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game a go.

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Price: $140

Star Wars: Last Shot: A Han And Lando Novel

Image source: Amazon

While not every book on Star Wars is considered to be ‘canon’ that doesn’t mean they aren’t great to read. Many fans of the series often feel the need to delve deeper into the Disney universe of Star Wars after falling in love with the movies, and books are a great way to fulfill that need.

Price: $20

Officially Licensed Star Wars Luminart Light Up Canvas

Image source: Amazon

Posters are cool and all, but honestly a poster is nothing compared to this Star Wars Luminart Light Up Canvas. With art from the original movies and a USB powered back light this is the best kind of decoration any teenage boy could want.

Price: $47

John Williams – Star Wars:A New Hope 10inch Vinyl

Image source: Amazon

Once again we return to vinyl as the modern form of audio entertainment. If you know someone who has really high tech headphones or collects physical forms of music AND is a fan of Star Wars then this might be the gift for them.

A great bundle gift with the Star Wars Deluxe turntable.

Price: $57

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