Young Leon Trotsky Looks Exactly Like Jean Ralphio, Fight Me

"I'm sorry, but this is Jean Ralphio," my best mate dropped into a group chat.

Her observation was accompanied by a link to an incredibly serious and academic Twitter thread that theorised that young Leon Trotsky, the Russian Soviet who was assassinated by Josef Stalin, resembled Pauly D from Jersey Shore.

Intrigued, I clicked on the link and found myself unable to acquiesce. No. This was in fact a 19th century Jean Ralphio appearing before my eyes.

The original tweet was posted by stand-up comedian Kate McVay

While I recognise that there may be a slight resemblance between the two and respect the take - I cannot in good conscience get behind it. To the eyes of this mere mortal, Young Buck Trotsky is far more reminiscent of the best the wooooooooooorst character on Parks & Rec - Jean Ralphio, also known by his actual name, Ben Schwartz, I guess.

Disclaimer: I do not think that Jean Ralphio is 'the wooooooooooorst' charatcer . I merely said this for the quip. You understand.

Unsurprisingly, I was not the only person to come to this correct conclusion. A slew of Twitter comments justified my stance.

Some have also concluded that Trotsky also resembles Steve (Joe Keery) from Stranger Things, and I totally see it in that glorious mane.

Steve looks exactly like young Leon Trotsky from StrangerThings

Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery have actually been compared to it each other quite a lot, to the extent that they met up, dressed alike and bro'd out for laughs.

Image: Huffington Post

Andrew Garfield comparisons were also thrown into the mix. Again, it's the hair.

But despite these other, lesser, contenders - I'm morally obliged to die on the hill of Jean Ralphio. For now that I have born witness to this photographic revelation, I cannot unsee it

Now let's sell some of grandma's jewellery and go clubbing.

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