Young Leon Trotsky Looks Exactly Like Jean Ralphio, Fight Me

Young Leon Trotsky Looks Exactly Like Jean Ralphio, Fight Me

“I’m sorry, but this is Jean Ralphio,” my best mate dropped into a group chat.

Her observation was accompanied by a link to an incredibly serious and academic Twitter thread that theorised that young Leon Trotsky, the Russian Soviet who was assassinated by Josef Stalin, resembled Pauly D from Jersey Shore.

Intrigued, I clicked on the link and found myself unable to acquiesce. No. This was in fact a 19th century Jean Ralphio appearing before my eyes.

The original tweet was posted by stand-up comedian Kate McVay

While I recognise that there may be a slight resemblance between the two and respect the take – I cannot in good conscience get behind it. To the eyes of this mere mortal, Young Buck Trotsky is far more reminiscent of the best the wooooooooooorst character on Parks & Rec – Jean Ralphio, also known by his actual name, Ben Schwartz, I guess.

Disclaimer: I do not think that Jean Ralphio is ‘the wooooooooooorst’ charatcer . I merely said this for the quip. You understand.

Unsurprisingly, I was not the only person to come to this correct conclusion. A slew of Twitter comments justified my stance.

Some have also concluded that Trotsky also resembles Steve (Joe Keery) from Stranger Things, and I totally see it in that glorious mane.

Steve looks exactly like young Leon Trotsky from StrangerThings

Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery have actually been compared to it each other quite a lot, to the extent that they met up, dressed alike and bro’d out for laughs.

Andrew Garfield comparisons were also thrown into the mix. Again, it’s the hair.

But despite these other, lesser, contenders – I’m morally obliged to die on the hill of Jean Ralphio. For now that I have born witness to this photographic revelation, I cannot unsee it

Now let’s sell some of grandma’s jewellery and go clubbing.