Watch A Security Researcher Analyse Hacking Scenes From Movies And TV

It’s no secret that movies and television take liberties when it comes to computer interactions — hacking in particular. The reason for this is that hacking isn’t exciting to watch, so Hollywood is forced to spice it up with unrealistic visuals and nonsensical jargon. Which raises the question, which films and shows do get it right?

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To help us separate the good from the deplorable is security researcher Samy Kamkar. In this video from WIRED, Kamkar covers retro classics, including Wargames and Hackers, to more modern entrants such as Tron: Legacy and Skyfall.

The worst offender is, predictably, NCIS and its infamous dual-keyboard scene, while Mr Robot comes out on top, getting very specific details like UI and even the operating system correct.

Yes, entertainment sometimes has to go with flashiness over reality, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out the window.

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