This Harry Potter Wand Teaches You How To Code

This Harry Potter Wand Teaches You How To Code
Image: Supplied

Flick and swish!

If you’ve wanted to learn the basics of coding, but don’t really want to do a course, here’s a fun alternative. You can now buy a Harry Potter wand kit that will actually teach you how to code. It’s really cool.

Granted, theis coding kit from Kano is designed mostly with kids in mind – but there’s no reason why adults can’t get in on the fun too.

The Harry Potter Kano Coding kit allows users to build a wand and then program it to do different things on a laptop or tablet. Different movements will do different things, depending on the code – like float a feather with ‘wingardium leviosa’.

Just remember, it’s ‘Levioooooosa’ not ‘Leviosaaaaa’.

The whole kit is adorable and a damn smart way to get more kids into coding. You can see it in action here:

If the Potterverse isn’t your style, there are heaps of other coding kits available over on the Kano website. Sadly the site doesn’t ship to Australia but you can get the Harry Potter Kit ($150) and a bunch of the other Kano kits over on Amazon Australia.