There’s No Doctor Who Christmas Special This Year – It’s A New Year’s Day Episode, Instead

For the first time since Doctor Who returned in 2005, there won’t be a special episode airing on Christmas Day…but you seemingly won’t have to wait too long to get another slice of adventures in Time and Space.

Previous recent rumblings in British tabloids have now been confirmed: After Doctor Who’s currently airing 11th season comes to a close early next month, it’ll follow up with a New Year’s Day special instead. The news comes from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which has started making its way to subscribers (myself included) today; it confirms that its next issue, out December 13, will reveal new details about the special:

The final page of Doctor Who Magazine #532, confirming the New Years special. (Photo: James Whitbrook/Gizmodo)

It’s not the first time in modern Who that the show has aired over the New Year period. David Tennant’s swan song story, “The End of Time,” aired across two hour-long episodes, one broadcast on Christmas Day 2009, and the other broadcast New Year’s Day 2010. But it is seemingly the first time Doctor Who will have skipped a Christmas broadcast in the last 13 years.

We have reached out to BBC America to confirm just when we’ll learn more about the special, and will update this post if we hear more. But given how secretive this season of the show has been, it’s perhaps more likely that we won’t be learning much more until after season 11 concludes in a few weeks.

If you want rewatch the first 10 seasons of Doctor Who from 2005, and marathon all the previous Christmas Specials in one go they’re all available on Stan.