The Walking Dead Teaser Reveals The Long-Awaited Arrival Of The Whisperers

The Walking Dead Teaser Reveals The Long-Awaited Arrival Of The Whisperers

Wheeeeeeere aaaaaaare theeeeeeey?” With those three words, the Whisperers have finally come to The Walking Dead. A new look at the next three episodes not only shows us life post-Rick, but also gives us our first glimpse of the villains fans have been waiting years to see.

It turns out that losing the main character of The Walking Dead to a separate movie trilogy might have been just the thing to bring the series back from the dead. After that surprising time jump that introduced a slightly older version of Rick Grimes’s daughter, played by Cailey Fleming (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), fans were left speechless. Rather perfect, considering the Whisperers have become the newest threat.

Editor’s Note: the original AMC teaser trailer won’t work in Australia, but the first minute and a half of this video has the goods:

AMC released a new trailer previewing the next three episode of The Walking Dead. We’ve got new heroes, new haircuts, and Negan still sitting in that sad jail cell. But something’s happening: The walkers are evolving—changing their movement patterns, learning from their mistakes. But that might be partially because of their human buddies.

That’s right, the Whisperers have arrived, hiding in plain sight among the undead. This enemy has been teased on the series before, but they’re a staple in the comics. The Whisperers are a group of people who’ve survived the zombie apocalypse by covering themselves in the flesh of the dead and never speaking above a whisper, allowing them to blend in with the horde. Earlier this year, Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst joined the cast as Alpha and Beta, the leaders of the Whisperers. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, their arrival teases a major story arc from the comics, “The Whisperer War,” which is poised to possibly be the biggest and bloodiest conflict the series has ever seen. Looks like Rick got on that helicopter just in time.

The Walking Dead continues next week.