Science Says You Should Definitely Sleep Nude [Infographic]

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Sleeping nude has so many scientifically proven benefits, though surveys suggest only around 30 per cent of people actually do it. So if you're one of the ones who doesn't take it all off at bedtime - or if you're one of the ones who do, and you want to back up your life decisions - here are 13 scientific reasons you should.

While the most obvious reason to sleep naked is to enjoy a little extra intimacy with your partner, there are other benefits to be gained from it, including healthier skin, better quality of sleep and even living longer! This infographic from Snore Mentor explains the top 12 benefits that have been proven by science.

Of course if you're used to a certain routine or kind of clothing to wear to bed, sleeping nude could upset that - and if you live with parents or roommates with no sense of personal boundaries it's probably best to keep your clothes on - but for everyone else, you really have no excuse.

Image: Snore Mentor

[Snore Mentor]

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