New Microsoft Patent Reveals Potential To Write On Both Sides Of The Surface Pro

New Microsoft Patent Reveals Potential To Write On Both Sides Of The Surface Pro

A new patent application from Microsoft has surfaced online, showcasing a new type of display and direction in which Surface devices will pivot towards. Microsoft is no stranger to creating 2-in-1 products but have they gone too far this time?

While there is nothing written on the patent that specifies any particular Microsoft product by name or number, the design is in line with the current Surface series on the market.

The patent diagram shows a new kind of touchscreen surface on the back of the device as shown by the “metallic writing surface” written across the image.

Conceptually, this is a clever way for Microsoft to utilise some of the wasted space on the rear of the device that other companies have not yet attempted.

The demand for smaller, yet more powerful personal devices has definitely spurred on this design, with Microsoft detailing in the patent:

“Consumer demand for smaller and more powerful personal electronics devices drivers innovation to adapt existing device components for new and or multiple purposes. Many laptop computers and accessory keyboards include a surface area that does not serve a functional electronic utility.”

The metallic angle of the new touchscreen/interactive zone on the device helps to keep it “uniformity in color and tone” between the display and the case. The look of the device is just as important as the power and productivity these days.

Another proposed version of the back panel will use either a OLED display or LCD/LED display that will light up when the Surface Pro is closed.

“Although the reflective display is visible when the laptop is in the open position, the user, may in some implementations elect to fold the laptop into a closed position with the reflective display facing up to more directly view or interact with information.”

While not every patent comes to fruition, fans of the Surface Pro will be keeping a keen eye on the development of this newest installment to the series. This newest addition to the device may be a real game changer in the years to come.

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