My Health Record Opt-Out Date Has Been Extended [Updated]

My Health Record Opt-Out Date Has Been Extended [Updated]

November 15 was the deadline to opt-put of My Health Record, but a last minute Senate vote has succeeded in extending the deadline until January 31, 2019.

Update: 14:55pm: Health Minister Greg Hunt tweeted a confirmation of the extension.

The successful Senate vote came after the Senate passed a motion earlier this week to extend the opt-out period “until the legislation and any amendments are passed, outstanding privacy and security issues are addressed and public confidence in this important reform is restored.”

The bill won’t be passed until 26 November when the House of Representatives sits, but for all intents and purposes the extension is now law.

My Health Record has been shrouded in controversy since it was announced due to privacy concerns. An earlier inquiry from the Labor party asked for a 12-month extensions was rejected in a 32:30 vote and just last week the My Health Record director of privacy resigned.

At the time of writing there are no up-to-date numbers on how many Australians have opted out of the system. Interestingly, the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) revealed to the Senate on October 24 that an estimated 1,147,000 Australians had opted out. However, the agency’s minister Greg Hunt would not provide an updated number last week.

As for those who are trying to opt out ahead of the November 15 deadline, people seem to be experiencing increased issues both online and over the phone.

The good news is that you don’t need to panic about making the deadline by tomorrow. And maybe the government can invest in some more bandwidth in the meantime.

Considering the consistent privacy issues that have overhung My Health Record, you may still want to opt out as soon as possible. You can do so by visiting the My Health Record website or by calling 1800 723 471.

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