In This Short Comic, A Technician Learns The Joys Of Loneliness In Space

Being alone in space. (Illustration: Tillie Walden)

Honestly? It’s OK to want to be alone.

That’s the simple message behind “Alive”, a short comic by Eisner-award-winning cartoonist Tillie Walden. The comic, shared initially on Twitter, mixes good ol’ introverted sentiment with the silent isolation of space.

Often, space and its loneliness is framed as a vector for a character to lose their mind, or worse, but here it’s framed like the comfort of a lonely, warm apartment: Peaceful, solitary, full of nothing but the self.

Here’s the comic, which Tillie Walden was generous enough to give us permission to share here:

Check out Walden’s website here. And if you’re having a nice, quiet day, spend a second thinking about how lovely that is. 

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