In This Exclusive Stan Against Evil Clip, Our Disgruntled Hero Meets A Most Unusual Demon

We’ve already sung the praises of horror comedy Stan Against Evil’s excellent third season — and now we’ve got a very fun clip to share, courtesy of IFC, that happens to feature one of our all-time favourite demons ever to grace the show.

As is Stan tradition, IFC will air two episodes back-to-back this Wednesday, November 7. The first of the two, “Larva My Life,” pays homage to Japanese monster movies, and features returning guest star David Koechner as the odious ex-husband of Janet Varney’s Sheriff Evie Barett, who once again gets himself entangled in some outstandingly weird supernatural shenanigans.

The second, “The Demon Who Came in From the Heat”, is the source of the clip we have for you today. Master of deadpan Scott Adsit (Big Hero 6) plays Bill, a plumber who’s, ah, not at all what he seems.

Yeah, that was indeed a C.H.U.D. reference. And if you think grouchy Stan Miller (John C. McGinley) may have finally met a demon he can bro down with…well, you’ll need to watch the full episode on November 7 to see what happens next. (Suffice it to say, a clogged toilet is soon the very least of anyone’s concerns.)

Stan Against Evil airs Wednesday nights on IFC. It has not yet been picked up in Australia, but there’s always a chance!