You’re Saying Qi Wireless Charging Wrong

You’re Saying Qi Wireless Charging Wrong
Image: Belkin

Wireless charging has increasingly become a standard feature when it comes to flagship smart phones. In fact its becoming so normalised that I saw wireless charging pads included in many of the cars I took on test drives this year.

One term that you’ll find attached to many wireless chargers is ‘Qi’ – which is a type of wireless charging technology. It was one of the first to be introduced to market and having a device meet the requirements of ‘Qi Standard’ remains important.

But despite its popularity, a lot of people don’t actually know how to say ‘Qi’ properly.

The most common incorrect pronunciation you’re likely to hear is ‘queue-eye’ – people say it like the letters are initials or an abbreviation. For the sake of honesty – that’s how I said it at first and I still hear a lot of tech-industry related people say it that way.

But much like ‘Huawei’ (which you can learn how to pronounce here), ‘Qi’ is derived from a Chinese word and is therefore said a little differently to what some people may be used to.

Qi is actually pronounced ‘Chee’ or ‘chi’. If you think you’ll have trouble remembering that, equate it with ‘cheese’, which is something I like to think about a lot.

Enjoy saying it correctly from now on and be sure to school anyone who still gets it wrong!